Les 2nde2 et 2nde5 accueillent Isabelle, assistante d’anglais

lundi 12 octobre 2015
par  Philipine Vielle

Her name is Isabelle. She is 22 years old. She hasn’t any children or a boyfriend. She was a good student at school and liked English, French and history. When she was our age, she wanted to become a painter.

She is from the United States and was born in Wisconsin. The culinary specialities in her region are Brotwurst and frozen custard. What she likes the most in France is the sceneries and the food. She also likes Italian food, hamburgers and cheese.

Outside her job, she is interested in writing, reading, playing with her two dogs when she comes back home, and playing tennis. She speaks English and a little bit of French. She has already visited Mexico, Canada, Italy, France and Germany. She prefers Italy because she likes the food, the history, the museums and the churches. She thinks that Rome is very beautiful. She has already been to Paris with her French class when she was in high school and she likes everything there.

She has come to Héricourt with a programme to teach English. She asked for three areas and she was sent to our region.


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