Les élèves accueillent Molly, assistante d’anglais.

lundi 10 novembre 2014
par  Mickaël Porte - Documentaliste

 Les 2nde3 du lycée Louis Aragon accueillent Molly, assistante d’anglais.

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Her name is Molly. She is 22 years old and she comes from Canada. Molly hasn’t got any children. She has a stepsister and a stepbrother. Her job is English language assistant. She has got a cat in Canada called Helmut. In France, she lives in a bulding next to the school.

Molly likes sport, and more precisely, she likes soccer, hiking and running. Her favourite movies are "Big Fish" and "L’homme le plus fort du monde" (a French Quebec movie). She likes Aragon highschool. Her hobbies are reading, cooking, sport and travelling. She likes French gastronomy : she likes all sorts of cheese and bread.

Molly loves her country because it is beautiful and it has the most fresh water in the world. In summer they can swim in a lake and in winter they can go ice-skating on the same lake. She is in France to speak more French and she will stay until May. She speaks English, French and a little Spanish. She has visited Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, France, Panama, Indonesia and Singapore.

Molly was asked about the crisis in Ukraine but she doesn’t have an opinion about the situation. She is more concerned about terrorism problems.
There are clichés about her country. It’s true that they like hockey and it snows six months of the year. But it’s false that they live in igloos and ride polar bears !
She likes France but she has seen just Héricourt for the moment.

 Puis Molly rencontre les 2de5 :

Her name is Molly. She is Canadian and she is 22 years old. She speaks three languages : English, French and some Spanish. She hasn’t got any children or boyfriend but she has a cat : Helmut. She has one stepbrother and one stepsister.

Her favourite country is Canada because it has very beautiful natural landscapes and she loves the cold and the summer. She’s keen on France because there is much history and the architecture is very old compared to Canada. Her favourite actors are Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp. As for music, she likes Kongos, Matisyanu and Coeur de Pirate. Her hobbies are cooking, running, hiking, reading and snowboarding. To finish, she likes to eat good Italian pizza and Mexican food.

Molly likes travelling because she has already been to Canada, the USA, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. It’s the first time that she comes to France. She will stay until May. She lives next to the school. The main difference between her country and here is the food because she doesn’t eat meat (and the French eat a lot of meat !).


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